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Blizzard have started giving out Beta keys already, but only to the press and prominent fansites. So I am glad to say that we will soon see a Beta key in you'r Email (if you were lucky enough to get one, that be said).

 If you'r lucky enough to get a beta key, do not click any links in you'r email. Go straight to battle.net and follow the instructions there. I have already seen people spamming me with fake beta keys in hope to get some information. Use as always common sense when it comes to email guys!

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Don't worry, Short gameplay + Likely issued = High attrition = Additional beta keys.

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The most common questions in Diablo 3

I see daily the same questions get asked over and over again.

Today I am going to answear the most common ones.

When is the Beta coming?

This is the number one most common question and It's incredibly easy to find the answear. 

Blizzard told us It's coming the third quarter of 2011 that be said around september.

Will you be able to make a living from playing Diablo 3?

I think making a living from Diablo 3 is highly unrealistic. It will of course depend on the amount of time and effort you put into the game. If you are extremely lucky and put all you'r effort into it and use all the help you can get It's possible to make a nice chunk of money, no doubt.

How high will the RMAH posting fees be?

They haven't stated any specific numbers but they told us it won't be based on the auction price. All posts will have the same fees. That be said, people will most likely sell their items in big quantities which is another possibility to take advantage of.

Will everyone look the same?

This is also a very frequently asked question. The anwear is NO blizzard have told us that all the best armor pieces won't be used as a "armor set" and people will mix different kinds of armor and dye them any color they wan'tt which means It's very unlikely to meet someone that looks exactly like you.

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My analyze of the Crafting in Diablo 3

Ever played Ultima Online?

Ultima Online had according to me one hell of an crafting system.

Almost all propertys was random when creating an item. People wasn't only crafting, people was playing characters that were designed for crafting and it was so fun people could sit for hours just doing their crafting stuff!

Will there be any Crafting in Diablo 3?

In Diablo 3 crafting is made by Artisans. Artisans is a special NPC that will use their skill in crafting and create the items you wan't for you. The Blacksmith is the first artisan you will encounter. The blacksmith can not only be used for crafting but also repairing and adding gem sockets which is realy important to increase the value on you'r items and increasing you'r profit.

How will the crafting system work then?

You will have to earn the artisans trust by doing quests. When they fully trust you they will follow you to the end and craft items on you'r demand. Have in mind that you'r artisans have to train thei'r craftig skill to create better items which will cost resources and gold. It's not like world of warcraft were you craft items to gain skill, thats not the case in Diablo 3. 

Your artisan will learn some recipes automatically but the good ones will be very rare and lootet from the monsters you slay. If you woul'd get lucky enough to loot one of this recipes, I highly recommend to use it and craft items and sell for some nice profit at the AH or RMAH. Crafted items that's rare will sell for tremendous amount of gold or money at the start.

Propertys will be random.

Let's say you are going to craft a pair of gloves. The gloves have two set propertys, and two random propertys. That means if you want a specific mod on you'r pair of gloves it might take several attempts to get the pair you want. If you'r lucky enough to craft some Very good items, don't hesitate sell them on the AH or RMAH as fast as you can, that will make you some nice money or gold.

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Will the Diablo 3 Economy be stable?

I have been getting alot of questions about the Diablo 3 Economy. How do we know the Economy won't crash like in Diablo 2?

I have a few points I will bring up to show you why the Diablo 3 economy will stay stable.

  • Diablo 3 will require internet connection which Diablo 2 didn't need.
  •  The need of internet acces means Blizzard can track everyting.
  • Blizzard have specifically told us that they have found a way to deal with dupes.

A few concerns I have.

  • In World of Warcraft botters was a huge problem and will most probably also be in Diablo 3
  • Everyting just drop in price because of the undercutting

We will of course be able to take advantage of the botter but I will talk more about that in another post.

Thanks and stay tuned for more!

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A big part of the AH and RMAH will be Timing!

Diablo 3 gold guide Tip 4

For you that haven't played WoW It's quite simple. A big part to be successful at the Auction house in WoW was timing, knowing when to sell and buy items. As an example we can take the Potions, Flasks and Elexirs in WoW, to create all this consumables we had to use herbs. Herbs could either be gathered by hand or bought from another player on the auction house. When I were selling flasks I bought a stack of herbs for 20gold or less, because I knew that I could turn that around and make it into 40gold by selling the flasks on the auction house. But now to the timing part, You should always buy the cheap material from the auction house, you never want to run out of material when your items sells for high prices. Second thing is you want to look for patterns. In WoW all the raids was refreshed at Wednesdays so thats when alot of people were raiding, more people raiding equals higher demand for flasks so on wednesdays I was turning my 20g herb stack into 60-70gold instead of 40gold which is a huge difference in the long run. Now when Diablo 3 is released this is what you want to discover, small tricks to increase your gold income.


Are you afraid you won't get into the first "wave" of beta testers? Don't worry, Blizzard will be giving out alot more betakeys as time goes on.

  • Short gameplay + Likely issued = High attrition = Additional beta keys
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A possible Auction House tool for Diablo 3

All of you World of warcraft players out there have probably heard about auctioneer. Auctioneer is a auction house tool used for storing information, find great deals and scan the auction house for better details. I recently came across a guy from the Diablo 3 fans forum named "Molsterr" and he will put up a website called diabloauctions.net and will bebased on the Diablo 3 Auction House. The website will store all the information. The creator wrote that when you search for an item you will find:
  • Most recent Buyout Gold price
  • Most recent Bid Gold price (closest to ending, if no already ended found)
  • Most recent Buyout Real Money Price
  • Most recent Bid Real Money Price (closest to ending, if no already ended found)
  • DiabloAuctions.net’s Interactive graph & statistics app (more info below)
  • The items Salvageable mats, with the Recent buyout/bid information on each. (to help see if you should sell the mats instead, or if a crafted item, buy the mats instead)
"Molsterr" is also planning to have some kind of Interactive graph app that will give you information like:

  • Both a Gold and Real Money graph over the last month of an items value. (Note: Gold will be graphed at a real money value on the graph. EX: lets say $1 = 100g, if the item is selling for 300 gold, it will be graphed at the $3 mark).
    Interactive data points for each set of information on the add
  • When you mouse over, it will give you the Highest and Lowest of both the bid, and buyout, along with the avg of all auctions in that data point.
  • Clicking the data point will pull up a chart showing all information on the auctions that was used to plot that point on the graph. (Date recorded, its Bid, buyout, time left..ect)
I think this is an awesome idea creds to "Molsterr".

Have in mind blizzard will have to cooperate to make this possible so It's far from 100% sure this will go live.
For more information check out  Diablo 3 Fans forum and Diabloauctions.net. and remember to give him some feedback.

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Hard earned items will be Hard to earn!

Blizzard have told us about a new level difficulty called infernal. Infernal will be extremly hard and will take very long time to master. To understand how hard it actually will be, we can compare the last level difficulty in diablo 2 called hell, with the new level difficulty infernal. The level cap in diablo 2 was 99 and the highest monster in hell was level 98. If you compare that to diablo 3 where the monsters will at minimum be at level 61 and the player level cap will be 60.

Something Blizzard also stated is that the very best items will come from infernal and be very hard to get. The rare items that comes from infernal will also be "tagged" so people actualy know how rare they are, which I think is a very cool feature. Something I have heard people arguing about is that they dont want the rarest items to be armor and wepon sets so everyone looks the same. Blizzard told us that the rarest items wont be item sets, as there will be other sets in the game. But running into someone that looks exactly the same is minimal because of all the color dyes and so on.

Have in mind blizzard can change the content as time goes on! Thanks, and stay tuned for more. Please comment and subscribe!

My posting schedule

Here is my posting schedule, I will be posting alot of gold tips and also release youtube videos once a week about some farming, giveaways and much more!
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  • Sunday (Youtube Movie)

Preorder and Beta for Diablo 3

Have you preordered Diablo 3? If not make sure to do so at amazon.com.

Here is a quick link for you guys! Diablo 3 preorder

If you still havent signed up for the beta, make sure to do so as fast as possible. If you need information on how to do it check one of my previous posts about the Beta.

If you aint among the first "wave" of players to play the beta, dont be mad because there will probably be alot more opportunities to get a beta key.

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Speculating of were to invest your first money in Diablo 3

I have been speculating some about were to invest at the start of Diablo 3. Blizzard have revealed that items that are looted, that be said armor, jewels, weapons and so on can be salvaged with the Nephalem Cube. They have only still revealed three diffrent common reagents that will be in the Diablo 3 Beta and that is Bone, soul essence and common scraps.

This is how I will start my investments.

  • First I will sell "new" salvage reagents for a high price when they still are new.
  • When people starts salvaging more and more and flood the Auction House with reagents I will be buying the cheap ones.
  • Then Ill use the reagents I bought and start crafting items I see being usefull for some nice profit.
This is just as I stated my own speculations, Blizzard will most probably change things as time goes by.

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Diablo 3 Gold Secret

 I will put alot of my time and effort in researching and analyzing in Diablo 3

    When I was playing World of warcraft and Ultima online earning gold wasnt realy a big task if you compare how hard it will be in Diablo 3. If you want to get alot of gold or money in Diablo 3 you will need to do strict reaserches and analyzes if you dont wanna follow a gold and/or money website that will give you the information. I will put days of my time to analyze both the Real money auction house and the in game currency auction house for my readers. I will be posting graphs that shows how I did the analyze and how prices change and how I can use that to predict trends.

    If you wanna make big money in Diablo 3 it will be all about predicting trends and turn it to your advantage and make huge profit. Ill show you some examples of how I could use the AH to predict a trend and for that ill use a graph.

    Now lets say this is a reward you get from a quest chain, when times goes on the first "wave" of players finish the quest chain so the supply starts to slowly go down (blue line), but people still want this item so the demand goes up (red line). If I see this in my analyze I start investing in that item (light blue dots)  because I think it will go up in price and as you see it keep raising in price which means profit.

    This is how my main goal to make money will be, and I will learn you guys how to see this patterns and trends and also tell you when I find one.

    Make sure to check out Diablo 3 Gold tip 1 and Diablo 3 Gold tip 2.

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    Will The Diablo 3 RMAH be a revolution for the gaming industry?

    Do you think blizzard made a good move when they added the Real Money Auction House? In my opinion it was a great move! Game designers and devlopers main goal have for several years been to make a way to reward skilled players without damaging the other parts of the game. I am not suprised blizzard is the first company that have figured out a way to do this because of their success.

    Richard Garriott, the man who created the Ultima series and Ultima Online. Richard is someone I look up to and inspires me. Heres a video when he talks about how he thinks the future of gaming will look like and he talks about how skilled players should be rewarded.

    The video is also about his background in the Gaming Industry and its 42 minutes long , but I realy reccomend watching it.

    I think that this new RMAH will change the gaming industry for ever and other game companys will start picking up on this. This is a way to make free to play games profitable and just adding someting thats good for the game. A big plus to blizzard about this.

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    My Diablo 3 Gold Guide Pros & Cons

    Today I would like to talk about the Pros and Cons about this Diablo 3 gold guide.

    First of I am gonna talk about the Pros:

    • I am a harcore gamer and will be playing Diablo 3 alot!
    • I take part of all the information I can get my hands on just to inform my readers the best gold and money tips.
    •  I study Social Science and Economy which comes in handy. The AH in Diablo 3 will need both basic and advanced knowledge in economics to be mastered.
    • I am in young age, so I have alot of strength and energy to serve my readers posts every day.
    And now the Cons:

    • My english is far from the best. I read my post over and over again to make sure the spelling and grammar is as good as possible.
    • My young age makes me a little bit less experienced.
    Thats all I can think of, Thanks guys remember to check in again and stay tuned.

                                     A picture of me one year ago in high school.

    Get Diablo 3 gold without investing money

    Blizzard have stated that you will be able to post one auction every week without paying any fees in the real money AH, which is great acording to me, because that make people not wanting to invest any money able to make money anyway, of course it will take more time to build up your gold or money pile but it will be possible.

    There is one investment everyone have to do and that is to pay for the game itself. If you don't want to invest any money I would recommend trying to craft or get someting that have a very high market value to increase your start up capital.

    This is how I would do it. I would start of with playing the game for fun and collect everyting I can get my hands on. Then start salvage and craft items to sell for gold and then when I have enough gold, I would sell it all and make some decent money and then start the adventure with making alot more money on the Real money AH

    If you guys are looking for more tips make sure to check out Markco's Diablo 3 Gold Guide. Markco made one of the biggest world of warcraft gold guides and helped over 6 million people make more gold.

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    Diablo 3 Souldbound items

    All of you World of Warcraft players know about Souldbound items, right? They made the high end items souldbound because people was buying the items for real money, and that means third market trading, which is illegal. Souldbound for you guys that not know is an item that is bound to your character so you can't give it away or sell it.

    Blizzard have said that there won't be any soulbound items in Diablo 3 except maybe the highest item level items. And that to me sounds wonderfull, I never realy liked the soulbound items in World of Warcraft, if I get a good high end item and I dont want to use it, of course I should be able to sell it for a nice chunck of money.

    The only problem is that the Auction House could be flooded with this high end items going around to different accounts because the demand ain't that high and there is never any items disappearing from the game. Of course people will lose their items when they die, because in Diablo 3 you will lose your character and items when you die. I realy hope they will make items "run out" of durability so items will be consumed everyday and that will keep them from flooding the AH.

    Have you not yet signed up for the beta? make sure to read my instruction post about how to sign up for the beta!

    Also make sure to check out my gold tips, already two gold tips out there. Secret Gold Tip one, Secret Gold Tip two

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    Diablo 3 Gold Guide Tip Two

    Today I am gonna talk about GPH, yes Gold Per Hour. You should always try to keep your GPH as high as possible and not waste your time ingame (if your not playing for fun and love messing around of course) There is a few factors people often decrease their GPH drastically I am gonna point out some of them.

    • Never sit around spamming you want to buy someting for a few gold or cents cheaper than the price at AH because your time sitting there spamming is worth more than buying that abit more expensive item.
    •  If people need your help crafting an item, tell them a price for the time it take you to craft it. (This should of course not include your friends or guildies)
    •  I am not one hundred procent sure how addons and stuff will work with the game but make sure to use all the legal one that will help you speed things up.
    • Just check the AH a few times a day, you dont have to sit there camping the AH because that will most probably decrease your GPH

    Try to think like this, your time is worth lets say 1000 gold per hour or 10 dollars per hour. That means your time is worth 1000/60 = almost 17g per minute or 10/60 = almost 17 cent per minute. Then it might not be worth crafting that item that takes several minutes for a 10g tip or sitting at a city for hours spamming that you want to buy those items for a few gold cheaper than at the AH.

    If you like this tip make sure to bookmark for more awesome tips, new posts coming everyday.

    Diablo 3 Gold Guide Tip One

    Someting that I have learned from both World of Warcraft and Ultima Online is that when new  items hit us it will most likely skyrocket in price.

    I Have made you a picture that shows you how the market often turns out.

    Now how should you make use of this graph? well It's quite simple, use this few guide steps and watch the money flow in the first days and weeks in game.

    • Always try to get your hands on the game as fast as possible. The prices will be insanely high the first days.
    •  Sell your good finds as fast as possible, people will buy it for outrageous prices. You can just wait it out and buy them later.
    • When the prices take a dive after a few days because the AH gets flooded, I recommend you to buy everyting that is used in crafting, high end armor and just all items that have alot of meaning to the game.
    • Then slowly sell the items to not flood the AH. Study the AH and see when the prices will be high and the sell your stuff at those times for max income.
    Haven't you heard about the new real money AH that blizzard are importing to diablo 3? look at one of my previous posts to read more
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    How to register for the Diablo 3 beta

    Are you intressted in being one of the first to try out Diablo 3 game mechanics? Then you should register to the beta system. I am going to show you this video made by Force2Strategy and he explains and show you how to sign up.

    I suggest you guys that already done this to refresh and do it over again. Blizzard stated that everyone should do this again even if you already had signed up for the beta.  

    Blizzard also stated that the beta should be realeased in the next coming months so I am realy excited about that!

    My Diablo 3 Goals and Concerns

    Things in Diablo 3 that realy concern me that I think will make it hard earning real money.

    •      Auction House Fees. Because there will only be one AH per currency and that will cause some huge competition and that of course mean undercutting wars that equals more fees and less income. 

    •     Making money just playing the game will most probably be minimum to none because of all the cheap labor countries that will farm hours on end for two bucks an hour.

    Things in Diablo 3 that I realy look forward to.

    •     Use my knowledge useing the Auction House to its full potential and make real money instead of in game currency

    •     Enjoy the awesome game Diablo realy is and have fun while playing and making my gold.

    •      Share my tips with you guys and finish my goldguide that will be a huge help for you guys.

    The Auction House in Diablo 3

    Blizzard have come up with a brand new thing that could take gaming to the next level, a real money auction house. This is someting that gives very mixed emotions because alot of people think this will take away all the fun playing the game. Me in person CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!

    Here is a video made by HunterStarcraft explaining the basics about the auction house.

    Make sure to bookmark and visit Diablogoldguide.net everyday for great tips how to make money playing Diablo 3 and prepare yourself for the game release!

    Information about the blog

    Hello Scrubs!

    My name is KarMel also known as Emil in real life. I have been playing mmorpg games since I was about 11 years old, I started of with Ultima Online and I was a merchant that was running a big mall. Later when I was about 15 years old I saw items in UO getting sold for real money and i though.. Hey why not sell all the gold I make playing a merchanter? And I actualy made alot of money for my age. Then after the game "died" I moved over to World of Warcraft and did very well in the gold industry there also. I made huge amounts of gold and actualy ran a pretty successful WoW gold blog. Now after years in WoW I am sooooo excited for the new game Diablo 3! This blog will be about my shot of trying to make as much money/gold as possible and give you guys tips of how I do. I am also working on a gold guide that will be released once its finished and will most likely cost a few bucks but unlike World of Warcraft or any other game this guide will make you real money and actualy make your money back!